Welcome to Daegon

I invite you to follow me on this campaign as we explore the bonds of friendship.

Campaign Name: Daegon’s Heartbeat

This story will take place in a fantasy world much like the one J.R.R Tolkien created. It will also draw inspiration from other realms such as “The Wheel of Time”, “Game of Thrones”, “The Elder Scrolls”, and “Final Fantasy”.


Daegon was once a land ruled by the great circle of Kings known as the Iron Ring. In this circle was a King from each of the six main cities The Wood Elven Kingdom of Mist Glen (Wood), ,The Granite Dwarf city of Dunmore (Earth), The Fiery Lands of Onryx (Fire), The Human Naval Port of Davenport (Water), The Dead city of Gora Mountaions (Dark), and The Marble Human city of Whitebridge (Light). Here the Kings of each respective realm maintained justice and fair trade between each other. Their main duty was and still is to maintain the balance of the Elemental Crystals. The Elemental Crystals maintain the balance of the earth and all living creatures within it. There was no war to speak of and the land flourished with crops aplenty. There was not a single sole who went hungry and crime was dealt with swiftly. This was all until what has come to be called “The Breaking” shattered the peaceful land and the people within it.

The Breaking which has been prophesied since the beginning of recorded history has caused the Elemental Crystals to crack. This has brought upon a dark age unto Daegon. Fissures have formed across the land and the sun has grown cold. Monsters that have not been seen in two ages are regaining footholds in each realm. Crops will no longer grow and water is trained with the filth of death. Wars are being fought between kings that were once like brothers over the few precious resources there are left.

This is where your story begins in at the town of Neverwinter.

A Journey Of Friends

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