Talgis Krog

Half-Orc Totem Warrior Barbarian


Half-Orc Totem Warrior Barbarian. 34 years old. Standing at 6 ft 7 in and weighing 235 lbs he is an impressive hulking sight. He has appropriate sized slightly pointy ears and small tusk protruding from the corners of his mouth. His eyes are a deep amber and skin is tan almost brown. He has shoulder length dark brown hair usually kept partially up in a ponytail to not cloud his vision. He dresses in well stitched hides and favors carrying great weapons to do battle with. He has noticeable scars across his torso and shoulders from many past battles. He also wears a necklace of bear claws and teeth which seem to be more than what they appear. He has shamanistic like tattoos which extend down his arms from his shoulders symbolizing the spirits and elements of nature. Bear claws into streams of earth, water, wind, and fire.


A Brief Look at Talgis Krog

Talgis Krog grew up in a nomadic clan along the foothills of the Gora Mountains. The clan was led by a half-orc shaman named Gorin Stormcrow. Gorin noticed an affinity for nature and the elements in Talgis and took him under his wing and tutored him in his shamanistic ways. As Talgis developed over the years his abilities honed in on attaining the attributes of nature’s creatures. He especially took a liking to bears and how they were nurturing yet fearsome animals. The honor and value of family they showed inspired him to delve further into the spirit realm to commune with them. After many visits and much interaction with the bears Talgis was approached by a hulking monstrous bear named Urso. Urso is the patriarch spirit who oversees the realm. He told Talgis, “I have noticed your visits for some time now and I wish to make you an offer because I believe you are now worthy and convey the principles we hold. I offer my spirit to you in times of great need if you can best me in battle.” Talgis accepted the challenge laid before him with great honor. The battle began and ensued for many hours. Towards the end both were battered and bruised and Talgis could barely stand. Urso reared back coming in for the final blow with his magnificent paws and Talgis charged in to meet him. When the two collided a shockwave of spirit energy burst from the collision between them and left both blown back unable to return to their feet for a brief period. As they stood Urso said to Talgis, “I yield warrior. It has been an honor doing battle with you and I will be true to my word. Whenever you call upon me I shall come and lend you my strength. For now, I must go and rest. I hope to do battle with you again soon. Farewell…friend.” Talgis, feeling overwhelmed with the experience, ventured back to his home to rest as well. He slept for days following his battle and finally awoke almost not believing what had happened. He went on with his days continuing his training and occasionally visiting the bear spirits for continuing wisdom, guidance, and knowledge of the world. Time went on and Talgis never needed to call upon Urso for assistance until one horrifying day. Talgis returned to his clan after a couple days away training only to find his camp being overrun by a group of ogres led by an ettin named Crogar. Talgis noticed many of his clansmen were slain and began to fill with rage. Talgis called out to Urso, “Urso!! I need your strength!” momentarily afterward Urso’s spirit appeared behind Talgis, stood, and fell phasing into him. As Urso did this Talgis let out a deafening thunderous roar as his body morphed slightly gaining traits of the bears he so cherished. Tufts of hair sprouted on his arms and face and body while he grew slightly in stature. His eyes now emitting a green glow honed in on the on-going battle and Talgis went rushing in. His axe swinging and cleaving through ogres with bear like strength. Talgis finally came upon Gorin who was battling multiple ogres with elementals he had summoned. From behind the ettin leader came up and dealt a devastating blow to Gorin causing him to fall to the ground and losing his concentration the elementals fell as well. Talgis leapt to his aid and fended off the remaining ogres as the ettin leader retreated. The ogres soon followed foot as they noticed their leader was retreating. Talgis, noticing the danger was subsiding, dismissed Urso thanking him for his service and returned to his original form. Gorin, gasping for breaths, told Talgis, “Your path here with us is ending, I have seen it. You must make your way into the world and protect it the way you have done for us all these years. The elements will guide you and aid you in your ventures. Follow your path, and be true to who you are.” As Gorin drew his last breaths he said one last thing to Talgis, “I have always been proud of you. And though it was never said, I always considered you my son. Farewell. I shall see you in the next life.” Gorin’s body fell lifeless and the elements around erupted, wind gusted – flames of torches exploded – water around geysered up – and the earth trembled, as if in honor of this great being who spent his life communing and protecting them.
After everyone had regained their bearings the clansmen gathered as Gorin and others were burned on a ceremonial funeral pier and were returned to the earth they cherished. Talgis made sure his people were safe before he prepared to leave to find his new path Gorin had spoken of. After he knew they were safe Talgis departed westward as he felt that’s where he was being led. Talgis was not one to seek revenge, but he swore if he ever came across the ettin Crogar again he would not allow that creature to cause any more harm to this world.
Talgis eventually ended up in a town called Phandalin where he decided to spend an evening in the local inn to refresh himself for his travels. Here he overheard a hodgepodge group of individuals discussing venturing off to investigate an evil that was plaguing the land. He was soon approached by one of them and was offered to join them if he desired. Talgis took this as a sign of where his path was to go. And so the story unfolds….

Talgis Krog

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