Kalina En'Ithil

Half-Elf Rogue


At first glance, you may mistake Kalina En’Ithil for a rather young human. Unless you’re a human yourself, and then her features may lead you to believe she is an elf.

However she is neither—and yet she is both. Her ears are slightly less pointy than an elf’s, and her face and eyes are slightly more angular than a human’s.

At the youthful age of 25, her emerald eyes shine as brightly as the jewel itself. Her gold, coppery hair often tumbles out from beneath her black hood in a long braided mess.

Although short for a half-elf at only 5’2’’, you won’t find her complaining. She uses this trait as an advantage against her larger enemies.

And don’t let her stature fool you. Her strength far outweighs any assumption an enemy might make based on her appearance. Underestimating Kalina En’Ithil could be a very grave mistake.

She usually counts on it.

You’ll most likely find her with arrows strapped to her back and a crossbow at her waist—along with a collection of daggers and an assortment of other small weapons. But don’t let that intimidate you.

Her all-black attire often lead some to perceive her as a mysterious and possibly even devious character. And the bangles wrapped around her arms lead others to question how honorably she may have gained possession of such fine looking jewels.

But Kalina En’Ithil is far from dishonorable—at least she doesn’t think so.


Her biography is in the present shrouded in mystery. The only thing her party currently knows about her is that she’s really good at Knuckle Bones.

Kalina En'Ithil

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