Ascot Goodbarrel

Halfling Monk with a tiny case of "Small Dog" Syndrome


Ascot’s stature isn’t that of a large creature. His towering height of 3 feet, 3 feet 1 inch on a good day, tends to afflict feelings of great fear into those around him. Honestly, they usually just find him adorable, similar to a way humans view toddlers…like a silly drunken friend. At the young age of 27, Ascot very much resembles that of a child, which enables him to be much more mobile that one may assume.

Don’t let his size fool you; it would be a shame for you to underestimate him. Through years of careful, precise training, he learned that skill in combat does not come from raw brute strength, in fact, quite the opposite. Great warriors are calculated, methodical, and strike with extreme precision. Ever motion is calculated for strategic purposes, knowing your limitations so that others can not extort them. It also helps that he has the ability to manipulate the elements, greatly reducing his need for physical strength.

You will typically find Ascot pondering life and the world around whilst smoking his pipe. It’s an ornate pipe of great importance to him. Symbols are carved into the side, representing each of the 4 planar elements. He can’t help but wonder how such a small creature will ever impact, such an immense world.

“You have to live your life while your blood is still boiling, because doors won’t open while you stand and watch them.”


Monks are commonly secretive of their origins, usually due to laws or traditions. Ascot isn’t a closed book; however, he certainly won’t reveal information about his past unwarranted.


Ascot Goodbarrel

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