A Journey Of Friends


A Groups Beginning

Phandalin and The Redbrands

Getting the Group Together

Before arriving though the front gates of Phandalin Dima and Grex said their farewells to Jared as he was offered a position in the Lord’s Alliance by Sildar. It was not long after arriving in Phandalin that two more members joined the party Kalina, and Ascot. Kalina was meet in the in and overhead that their could be some coin involved by hanging out with Dima and Grex. Ascot was found in chains in the center of town being called a pirate. It was soon found out that it was a mere disguise as Ascot is a fair Monk.

What’s Going on Here

It was not long after our adventures arrived in Phandalin that they soon noticed something was not correct about this little town. It did not matter where they went or who they talked to. There was always some word about the so called Redbrands and their effect on Phandalin. After talking to many of the townsfolk and obtaining many bags of PO-TA-TOES something had to be done. They soon found a common meeting area for the Redbrands in the Sleeping Giant Tap house. Here they killed everyone, but one Redbrand and Grex interrogated though his own certain ways the location of their hideout. After everyone left the room Grex tied the remaining bodies to chairs and setup a card game as if nothing happened. Maybe the blood magic is getting to him finally.

Redbrand Hideout

The adventures quickly ran into the woods south of Tresendar Manor where they attempted to scout the Manor before approaching. Grex nearly managed to knock Kalina out a tree with one of his many PO-TA-TOES. Once they felt satisfied that no one was watching they entered the manor to find a hidden entrance down into the Redbrand hideout.


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